LIFT Brands, LLC was established in 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri as a start-up venture designed to fill a void in the emerging CBD and industrial hemp industry. Our vision is to create a platform focused on developing and implementing a vertical business model for underserved communities. Our emphasis is on the responsible cultivation and sourcing of hemp-derived goods; affording local communities with a forum and resources for sustainable economic development.

Our Mission

LIFT Brands, LLC is committed to being a pillar of the community known for conscience economic growth and development with a focus on uplifting, educating, and benefiting the communities that we serve.

Compassionate Capitalism

We are an unapologetically 100% black-owned company dedicated to the economic empowerment of our people by practicing a type of economics that we have coined “Compassionate Capitalism.” We are committed to using our profits for the empowerment of our communities by creating jobs, supporting non-profits and community organizations, and ultimately being a catalyst for the self-determination and liberation of the most disenfranchised.

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